AnyLock Bag Sealer ANY A15


This fabulous pack comes with 15 pieces (packaged differently than pictured; just awaiting pics) which covers all sizes and includes the smaller 125mm which is great for spices, coffee and smaller packets (which are generally harder to close & keep fresh). The larger green is perfect for wraps, pizza bases, and tortillas, keeping them as fresh as the day you opened them PLUS every size in-between.

Fold it. Hold it. Slide it. Store it. The simplest way ever to create a watertight, airtight and odour proof barrier.

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AnyLock bags15 piece set:
The BEST solution ever… for food storage and keeping your food fresher for longer. Keep food fresh and odour-free, reduce food wastage, eliminate spills and save space in your cupboards and freezer. A MUST HAVE for caravaning, camping and traveling.

AnyLock bag sealers produce an airtight and waterproof seal which keeps all your food fresher for longer. AnyLock rods are tough, hard to break and reusable. Simply slide the rod on the bag to keep your food fresh and protected from taints, odours, pantry moths and weevils.
Fold above the contents and slide the sealing rod along the bag to create the perfect seal time after time.

AnyLock bags and bag sealing rods are brilliant for re-sealing opened packets such as crisps, rice, nuts, coffee and all your frozen veggies. Unlike other food storage products, AnyLock bag sealers take up virtually no space when not in use.

15 Set includes; 4 x 285mm, 4 x 225mm, 4 x 185mm, 3 x 125mm